4- in- 1 Tumgrepp/ Thumbgrip Till Switch Joycon Kontroller

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Product Descriptions:

This product is compatible with Nintendo Swtich

Made from high quality ,more comfortable and durable.

Anti-skid function,avoid your sweaty worries  and give you complete game pleasures.

Easy to install and operation ,only take seconds.

Perfect replacement for your broken or defective ones.



- High quality and durable rubber thumb grips to protect your swtich joy-con controller analog sticks and enhance your gaming experience

- 1 pairs extra height design for more precision and sensitivity in FPS games

- 1 pairs normal design for more comfortable grips in most games; Preventing slipping

- Packed 4pcs
- Color: Black

1x  4-in-1 Silicone Thumbstick Joystick Higher Bouchon for NS Switch Joy-Con Controller - Black