PS2 Controller Programmable Rapid Fire Converter Adapter

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Makes your PS2 Controller be a programmable one with powerful functions
● Supports MAYFLASH W004 (PS2 Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U). Makes your Wii/Wii U be a programmable one.
● Supports MAYFLASH MF001 (Universal Adapter for XBOX360/PS3/PS2/PC USB). Makes your XBOX360, PS3 or PC be a programmable one.
● Supports PS2 Controller Adapter for PC USB, PS2 Fighting Stick.
● Supports Turbo function (L1,R1,△,○ ,Χ ,□ can be set for the Turbo function)
● Supports Turbo Speed adjustments.
● Supports two Macro functions: Normal REC Mode and Real Time REC Mode.
Normal REC Mode: No need considering about the time interval because it can be adjusted after the recording.
Real Time REC Mode: Memorize the button value and the time that the button is pressed or released.
● Supports Marco Normal REC Mode speed adjustment.
● Macro function can be activated or deactivated as you need.
● Press and hold the “PROG” on the converter and the button you want to program to enter into the program mode.
● LED 1 (ON): The current REC Mode is the normal mode
LED 2 (ON): It indicates that the button has MACRO and TURBO functions
LED 3 (ON): The current REC Mode is the Real Time mode

Tillverkare: Mayflash