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MODBO 4.0 (v1.99)

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The ultimate in universal PS2 Mod Chips. The Modbo 4 PS2 Mod Chip is the latest chip from the guys at Modbo. The ModBo 4.0 is considered one of the most universally compatible PS2 Mod Chips on the market today. With support for all version of PS2 Consoles from v1-v16

Fully compatible with ps2 v1-v17 PAL/USA/Jap
upgrade from modbo4.0, comes with the original 100% v1.82 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable
Comes with a mini size board, and the wiring point order is good for installation
One of the major improvements Modbo 4 has over others is its better compatibility with DVD 9 and runs dual layer much better then older models. Modbo 4.0 comes on a differently laid out pcb to earlier model Modbo chips, allowing for a slightly neater install. There are a few of the Matrix Infinity floating around, Modbo, AppleEx, Matrix Infinity SE and some more. The good thing about these chips is you are getting most of the functions of the original Matrix Infinity at the fraction of the cost. The Modbo 4 also has auto media detection for direct booting and All Region DVD Support. The Modbo 4 also comes with a Diode fix for the PSTwo Slimline v12.