8Bitdo USB wireless adapter for Playstation Classic/ Switch/PC/MacOS

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With the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter, you can easily use PS4, Xbox One S, PS3, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro, Joy-Cons and all 8BitDo controllers with PS1 Classic Edition, Switch, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi and more.

- For use with PS4, PS3, 8Bitdo Controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch Joy-cons, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro and more, wirelessly, on Windows PCs, Macs, Raspberry Pi, laptops, tablets. Support DS4 Motion and Rumble features.
- Simply connect the Adapter to your Wireless Controller to enable the same wireless experience you are used to on all the best platforms.
- Wireless bluetooth, no lag.

Controller Compatibility:
- PS4, PS3, Xbox Bluetooth
- Switch Pro, Wii U Pro, Wiimote, Joy-Cons
- 8BitDo Controllers and arcade sticks (not including 2.4g controllers)

Special Features:
- DualShock 4 support vibration / 6-axis motion on Switch
- X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Switch mode
- X-input mode support vibration
- Lag – free

- Bluetooth 2.1, Class 2 (2.402GHz~2.48GHz)

Package Includes:
1x USB wireless adapter for Playstation Classic Edition