Trio Linker Plus II

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1. Supports PS2™, GC™ and DC™ controllers on PC simultaneously.
2. Compatible with official PS2™, GC™, DC™ controllers and a majority of compatible controllers.
3. Supports Joy2key, Key Mapping and force feedback function. *
4. Supports Plug and Play.
5. Also supports PS2™, GC™ and DC™ controllers on PS3™ console.

Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP,Vista, Win 7

note :
i. PS3™ games are supported, but PS3™ firmware must be updated.
ii. Some PS3™ games would only recognize Sony official PS3™ controllers.
Any other non-official controllers or adaptors would not work on those games.
ii. GC™ / DC™ joypads have less buttons then PS2™ joypads, thus
some buttons of PS2™/PS3™ joypads are not supported.

* function 3 is only workable with driver installed.