8Bitdo Retro Receiver for Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive

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With the Retro Receiver, not only can you play your SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive wirelessly with any 8BitDo Bluetooth controller or arcade stick, but you can even use wireless next gen controllers, too. 

- Compatible with all Bluetooth 8BitDo controllers and arcade sticks.
- Compatible with next gen controllers: Xbox One S/X Bluetooth controller, PS4, PS3, Wiimote, Wii Motion Plus, Wii U Pro, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro
- Connect to PC via USB
- Transmission Distance: 10m
- Connectivity: Bluetooth / USB
- Lag free

System Compatibility:
- Original SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive
- Analogue Mega SG

NOTE: 6 button mode <=> 3 button mode switching can be achieved by pressing mode button on the
controller for 3 seconds. LED on the receiver will blink twice to indicate the change

Controller Compatibility:
- PS4, PS3, Xbox One S, Xbox One X Bluetooth controllers
- Nintendo Switch Pro, Wii U Pro, Wiimote / Wii Motion Plus, Joy-Cons controllers
- 8BitDo Controllers and arcade sticks (NOT including 2.4G controllers)

Package Includes:
1 x Retro Receiver for Genesis and Mega Drive
1 x USB Cable