A cookie is a text file that is linked to a website stored on and on later visits, downloaded from, the visitor's computer or computer-like devices, e.g. Mobile phones. The cookie is saved in connection with the files used by the computer's browser or corresponding software. The computer user can easily access, block and delete stored cookies if desired.
It is very common for websites to use cookies because they are often used for basic functions.
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Cookies at uses session cookies for the site's functionality.
It handles features such as login, shopping cart, contact form and website security etc. does not use any unnecessary cookies (ie ads, analyzes, social media, etc.)

Name: PrestaShop-7533bd6920cc701eb9398eae3bf5d37c
Type: Session cookie
Security: Encrypted connections only
Expires: When the browser closes / ends
Cookie / Cookie is necessary for these services to work. When you close the browser, all information will be deleted.

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